Brittle Paper

رواية ليلى أبو العلا الجديدة هي حساب قوي للكونية الإسلامية

Avid readers of contemporary African fiction have much to thank Leila Aboulela for. Today African writing is highly sought-after in the global literary market. It was not always like that. After the slump of the ‘80s and ‘90s, it was writers such as Aboulela, in the company of Yvonne Vera, Ben Okri, Helon Habila and

مقابلة Brittle Paper مع ليلى أبو العلا – ليلى أبو العلا تعيدنا 14 سنة إلى أول جائزة كين

We are so pleased to bring you this Q&A with the brilliant and gorgeous Leila Aboulela. 14 years ago, the Sudanese author made history when she won the inaugural edition of the Caine Prize for African Writing.  She’s gone on to publish a short story collection titled Colored Lights (2001), in addition to two critically acclaimed

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